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Clouds are everything...WHERE ARE YOU?
by ladyjean

January 18, 2007

Where Am I?
Every day just around sunset, I look out my office window and enjoy the sight that awaits me: the variation of the fading daylight on the mountains to the south and east, the nature of the blended colors of the sky to the west, and the current state of the acre of land on which our house sits, be it hot or cold, wet or dry. From this vantage point, I can see for miles around me and I take note of whatever seems to catch my eye.

For example, today the sunset was an extraordinary display of magentas, roses and golds, and I noticed a lone rabbit twitching its nose as it stopped temporarily in the snow. A white, misty haze lay at the base of the distant mountains as the magenta spread far to the east, topped with what was left of the day’s clear blue sky.

This daily ritual brings my life into balance and allots me a measure of time to ponder about the “bigger picture” and the truth about what is important in my reality, both lower and higher. I sometimes move beyond my own space and time and think about the whole world, wishing that everyone could have this kind of experience as a part of their normal routine.

It has taken me a long, long time and a lot of twists and turns to get “where I am” and I plan on staying here for the rest of my life. I had certain clues that helped me to find my way, and still it was a journey fraught with confusion, pain and much suffering. But now that I am here, I am determined never to take this amazing blessing for granted; thus, my daily sunset ritual.

The actual location of “where I am” is not really of importance to you, the reader. What is important is that it is a beautiful, relatively still-untouched place that is peaceful, quiet and far enough away from the ugly madness that has become our modern world. I intuitively know this is where I am meant to be and there is no doubt in my mind that I am extremely fortunate to be here.

Where Are You?
Now, let us get to the crux of the matter: as you sit reading this, where are you? Are you in a good place, a bad place, a place you feel happy enough in, or a place you’d do anything to get out of?

Do you like your home? Do you like the room you’re in right now? Do you like what you see when you look outside? Do you like the general environment that surrounds you? Do you feel safe? Are you content?

As to your current home, town or city, and general geographic location: why are you there? Did you choose to be where you are? Did someone else choose for you? Is there somewhere else you know you’d rather be?

Do you take notice of the people, things and settings that surround you in your life, or do you for the most part shut out the reality that is manifested around you?

If you had a daily sunset ritual would you, or could you, enjoy it? Would you be enriched and nourished by what you see around you? Would the reality of your personal world make you feel happy, or would it make you feel sad?

We’re All Responsible
The truth is the world is what we make of it. Every individual living on this planet is completely responsible for their own reality. You can honestly go where you want to go and be where you want to be. It might not be easy to accomplish that goal, but who said it would be? It might take years or you might be able to get there tomorrow, it’s all up to you.

But if you are not where you want to be, not where you rightfully should be, or not where you are truly meant to be, then you have to do whatever it will take to get you there. You will have to completely wake up to the circumstances you find yourself in and have the courage, the strength and the will to make whatever changes are necessary. You will have to believe with all you heart that you can do it: that you can really be where you want to be.

When I made the decision to go to “where I am,” everyone in my life thought I was crazy. My choice made them very uncomfortable. They thought that I didn’t know what I was doing. They were worried for me. They thought the journey was too dangerous and that I might never get there.

And the truth is, it was a very risky thing to do. I had very little money and a car that was unlikely to make it. I had to pack up everything I owned and store it away, taking only the bare necessities. I had no job awaiting me at my new location and would arrive there not knowing a soul. And the most amazing thing was that I had never even been to the place to which I was going. A few years before, I had heard a “voice” tell me to go there. So I put it all in God’s hands, and relied on my Spirit Guide, my special “assisting Angels” and my own Higher Self to get me through.

Of course, there is a happy ending to my story. I made it. On my perilous trip I felt myself (and my little worn-out Honda) riding on a wave of Spirit. I worked hard and found my place in my specially-chosen location. And I have been “where I am” for 14 years.

The sun has completely set now. There’s just a slight thread of the deep rosy-orange above the horizon and it looks like there might be a new snow storm headed this way, though it is now far, far to the northwest. A neighbor’s porch light shines brightly in the distance. The silhouettes of the trees look black against what is left of the fading light. It’s time for me to draw my curtains, temporarily shutting out the beauty that will now sleep through the dark night. Only the twinkling stars will keep it company.

On the other side of the house my dog is on my bed, sleeping to the sound of a movie I am taping to watch later. A fire is burning in the living room, casting a gentle glow of light on the floor. I might stay in my office for hours, working, writing, or surfing the internet. Sometime later, I’ll make a late night snack, do some reading or watch some TV. I feel safe. I feel good. I feel blessed.

Where are you?


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